Overview | Specification

HID® Fargo® DTC4500 Specification

HID® Fargo® DTC4500 Features
  • A Wi-Fi accessory for Ethernet-enabled printers, allowing you to print anywhere, anytime.

  • An optional iCLASS SE® encoder that enables your printer to be compatible with the HID secure
         identity ecosystem.

  • This includes the ability to program the HID PACS data in the printer.

  • The encoder provides an additional layer of security to your identity program by allowing for
         processing of Secure Identity Object (SIO) data.

  • Card lamination for applying over laminates to produce highly-secure cards that resist forgery and
         increase card durability. Unique, dual-sided simultaneous lamination saves time with increased

  • A dual-sided printing module that enables you to add additional company or cardholder information
         and security features, such as duplicate photos and digital signature.

  • Technology encoding modules encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity, contact and/or
         contactless technology cards, such as iCLASS SE® and MIFARE which enable access control or
         other applications.