Overview | Specification

HID® Fargo® DTC1500 Specification

HID® Fargo® DTC1500 Features
  • Built-in dual-side printing can be activated with the simple use of an RFID tag making after-
         purchase upgrades virtually effortless.

  • Card lamination module for applying overlaminates to produce highly secure and durable cards.

  • Technology card encoders that a=llow you to easily migrate to contact and contactless smart card
         technologies (including but not limited to iCLASS SE® or MIFARE®) or simple magnetic stripe and
         proximity cards as needed.

  • A Wi-Fi® accessory allows you to conveniently print anywhere, anytime.

  • Custom watermark overlay and resin scramble data protection

  • Password-protected printer operation and AES data encryption

  • High-capacity ribbon consumables

  • Resin threshold

  • Built-in Ethernet and USB connection for centralized or remote

  • ID card issuance. (Note: Ethernet optional on BIS-certified units)

  • FARGO® Workbench™ diagnostic utility for printer maintenance facilitation, including Color
         Assist™ spot-color matching

  • Interoperable with Asure ID® card personalization software for badge design, database
         management and technology card encoding