Overview | Specification

Datalogic Matrix 120á⡦Specification

  • Electronics - Track and trace PCB board manufacturing

  • Factory Automation: Print & Apply áß¡¦label verification

  • Factory Automation: Food & Beverage áß¡¦traceability

  • OEM: Kiosks áß¡¦ticketing machine

  • Healthcare: Clinical Lab áß¡¦vials identification

  • Chemical and biomedical analysis machine

  • Datalogic Matrix 120™ Features
  • Ultra compact dimensions for easy integration

  • WVGA áß¡¦1.2 MP and wide angle models

  • Smart user selectable focus for high application flexibility

  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity

  • Serial and USB options on the same model

  • ESD versions for electronic applications

  • Polarized Version for 90° mounting and reflecting surfaces

  • Top industrial grade: IP65; operating temperatures: 0-45 ºC / 32 áß¡¦133 ºF

  • DL.Code software configurator for outstanding ease of setup

  • Xpress, DatalogicáßÑÔ áßϨreen Spotáß¡¦technology and intuitive HMI for top ease of use